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Quizmaster is the remarkable story of a “a kid with polio” who became a mechanic, truck driver, photographer, pilot, disc jockey, and the finest master of ceremonies that a game show could ever have.

Want to know what happened on this day in game shows on July 3? Need four volumes of the best darn game show almanac you'll ever find? It's This Day in Game Show History!

and MUCH more to come soon!


Quis superabit?

Special Features:

        The Home Game Corner
Because I know you're dying to know how Electric Jeopardy was played (With electricity?), I've reviewed an assortment of home games just for you.
        The Ernie G. Anderson Audio Gallery
Take a trip down Analog Cassette Lane and listen to some rare audio tape recordings of game show themes from the 70s and 80s!
    Wallpapers Are Us
Home wallpaper kit sold seperately. Use as directed.
    Game Show Utopia on Facebook
Because we're just so full of Web 2.0 synergy buzz social networking that we felt the need to expand to Facebook.
        The Whammy Poetry Corner
Read as Press Your Luck viewers - and myself - somehow come up with a rhyme for "Add a One".
        About Me!
Click to learn more things about me than you EVER could've wanted to know!
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